About Willie

Willie Ng is a licensed Master Peace Officer and business owner who has been serving Bexar County for over twenty-six years and is running for Sheriff on the Republican ticket in 2020.

He has served in various roles for the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) for most of his career - from Patrol Officer to Detective Investigator and Special Federal Deputy Marshal assigned to the U.S. Secret Service Task Force. After retiring from SAPD, Willie accepted the position as Chief Criminal Investigator for the Bexar County District Attorney’s office where he served in this capacity with honor and distinction until 2018. While simultaneously working in law enforcement, in 2003, Willie founded Blue Armor Security Services, Inc., and has successfully owned and managed his small business for over 16 years.

Willie enjoys giving back to the community and is an active philanthropist. In addition to his many years of non-profit work and public service initiatives, Willie has served on various boards and worked with many organizations dedicated to the safety, well-being, and prosperity of our community. Willie and his wife, Ruby, also founded The Willie Ng Family Foundation, which is committed to helping improve the lives of those in need in Bexar County. Willie’s foundation, as well as his security business, have been providing scholarships to students in need since 2010.

His multifaceted training ranges from Command Staff Leadership, SWAT Management, Active Shooter, Police K-9 Training to Narcotics/ Dangerous Drugs, the ASIS International Award for Exemplary Service to Business and Law Enforcement in 2016. He attended rigorous Command Staff Training in Tempe, Arizona and Sam Houston State University in 2018. Then in anticipation of his run for Bexar County Sheriff, Willie received his Jail Administrators License in 2019, passing a test that requires a perfect score. Willie has taught ACOG and other agencies how to correctly investigate and prosecute cases while applying proper procedure. He is also the cofounder of a small business incubator. He serves on the board of the Texas Association of Business and worked with the Criminal Justice Reform Committee to reduce recidivism. The committee worked to get Texas House Bill 918 passed and signed into law by the Governor in recent years. The bill requires jails/prisons to provide discharged or released inmates with transitional programs six months before release, in addition to providing certain documents - including documents to assist the inmate in obtaining employment.