Top Issues

Training, Policy, & Morale

  • Immediate action to improve staff and jail morale. Empower all levels of the county workforce within BCSO through better policies, continued education, and targeted training.
  • Establish better, more efficient processes and policies. Restructure as needed, then implement effective rules and regulations.
  • Lead with openness, collaboration, and transparency.

Public Safety & Jail Procedures

  • Immediate action via training and policy changes to correct public safety and jail procedure issues such as identification mistakes and erroneous releases.
  • Utilize knowledge gained from the Jail Administrator Certification to delegate responsibilities more appropriately and stop overtime requirements.
  • Implement stronger, community-oriented strategies and programs that will enable BCSO to better serve the community, staff, and incarcerated individuals.
  • Establish partnerships with community agencies to enhance Sheriff’s Office programs.

Administration & Fiscal Responsibility

  • Maintain qualified leadership with extensive budget and management experience.
  • Develop and maintain a balanced budget through fiscally responsible business practices.
  • Respect taxpayer dollars with transparency, efficiency, cost-savings, and regular audits.
  • Work cooperatively with other County and City agencies.